As part of your website build your website will be optimized for Google. What does that mean? That means we will add keywords where needed and ensure your website is set up properly so that Google can find it. We will ensure you website is able to be found by Google but where you end up in the rankings will depend upon three things:

1.) How large the city or area you are targeting is

If you are targeting a city of 50k population, it is very likely you will rank in a top 4 spot with no extra effort. If, on the other hand; you are targeting Atlanta Georgia, Washington DC or any very large area you yourself will have to do extra work in order to rank well. Ranking for larger cities is not easy, and this is not work we will be doing for you.

2.) You need to do link building to be successful

Once your website has unique main page text, and is targeting a specific city – Google will rank your website based on those two factors. Regardless of where you end up, the only way to improve your rankings on the search engine beyond where you ended up is by link building. Every link from another website to yours counts as a “vote” for your website. The more “votes” the higher you will rise in the rankings. Although we are available Monday through Friday for free phone support on how to do this, we will not be doing any of this link building ourselves as that is not a service we provide. Your rankings will likely not improve beyond a certain set point if you skip this step.

Understand that while we are happy to provide advice, we are ultimately no more responsible for your website than a construction firm would be responsible for the success of an Italian restaurant they had built.

Building a website and search engine optimization are two totally different services, only the prior being a service we provide.